GPU Quality

drawElements Quality Program - dEQP™ is the spanking new GPU analysis tool for evaluating the features and capabilities of your OpenGL ES or OpenCL GPU.

Measure, improve and demonstrate GPU quality
Compare GPU capabilities
Cut development costs
Reduce fragmentation

drawElements Quality Program - dEQP™ is a powerful toolkit for analyzing the accuracy, precision, feature conformance and stability of GPUs supporting OpenGL ES or OpenCL. With dEQP SoC vendors, OEMs, and network operators can compare different vendors and GPU architectures in detail. dEQP also provides high-quality tools for analyzing and debugging any issues uncovered by the tests.

  • Benchmark your own Android device!

    We’re giving you a free sneak peek at some of the features offered by dEQP, and a chance to test the quality of the OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU in your Android device.

  • See the dEQP in HD technicolor!

    To see how the dEQP in action, analyzing a device, please head out to the drawElements' YouTube channel.

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